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Toothpaste Dispenser with 5 Toothbrush Holder


Toothpaste Dispenser with 5 Toothbrush Holder

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This Toothpaste Dispenser is a hands-free, one-touch toothpaste dispenser organizer .5 brush holder, keep your toothbrush in order. Provide a large amount of power, environmental protection, durable, No waste of toothpaste. One-touch Automatically Squeeze an appropriate amount of toothpaste

The Toothbrush Holder is waterproof double side tape, the thickness is 3mm. Super easy to install the dispenser and the holder on our wall. Also, you can drill a hole in the wall, if you are still worried it will fall, then use a screw to tighten the dispenser until properly placed.

This Toothpaste Squeezer Kit is using food-grade ABS plastic which is reliable, durable, and harmless to toothpaste tubes, a Dustproof Toothbrushes Holder with a flip cover design.  Using Hovillage Automatic Stimulate your children's interest in brushing teeth, make your children fall in love with brushing teeth. Anti-bacterial, and easy to clean.

Key Features:

  • No waste of toothpaste.
  • Technology and no battery required.
  • It's a toothbrush to push the toothpaste out automatically.
  • Environment-friendly, no electricity, no maintenance costs.
  • Large capacity 5 brush holders, 1 Storage Grids, keep your toothbrush in order.