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USB Mosquito Killer Lamp


USB Mosquito Killer Lamp

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Mosquito Killer Lamp is effective and powerful uses wavelength purple light that draws mosquitoes in and then immediately kills them with an electric shock. Turn it on three hours before bedtime in your room and sleep bug-free. Includes a cleaning brush to gently clean away the mesh grid when not in use.

Electric Mosquito Killer is a small, lightweight, and portable design that allows you to take it with you. Rechargeable internal battery so you can charge during the day and use it all night and it works as an Ambient Light Lamp. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, offices, hotels, camping, fishing, etc.

The zapper is safe for humans or pets. No fumes or odors. the Mesh Electric Grid features an anti-shock cover to protect from potential shock injuries to pets and children. USB Mosquito Killer includes a retractable hook to hang upside down or place on a surface. There is also a dual option night light mode so this can be used as a night light as well or hung.

Key Features:

  • Small size, easy to carry, and store.
  • High efficiency and low energy consumption.
  • Mesh Electric Grid features an anti-shock cover.
  • Includes zapper, cleaning brush, and USB charging cord.
  • Working with little noise, no disturbing of your sleep or work.
  • Safe and healthy for humans, no chemicals, no smoke, no odor.
  • Multi-function 2 in 1, combined with mosquito killing and LED lighting.